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Ellenboro, West Virginia
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Turn to Us for Quality Dump Bodies

Discover welding and fabrication for trucks and heavy equipment including dump bodies with ASC in Ellenboro, West Virginia. Since 1987, we have produced a full range of quality fabrication service. As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to your satisfaction.
Truck, Dump Bodies in Ellenboro, WV
Our Dump Bodies
Trust us for superior aluminum and steel dump bodies. We do everything including making and repairing frames and the bodies themselves. Let us handle your dump body needs.
Our Fabrication Services Include:

   •  Dump Bodies
   •  Trailer Beds
   •  Trailers
   •  Oil Field Transportation Equipment
   •  Custom Fabrication

Truck, Welding and Fabrication in Ellenboro, WV
Our Trailers
We manufacture coal trailers from the ground up including our 35' tandem axle trailer. In addition, we repair our trailers and other brands when needed. Working from our central location offers you the advantage of get your trailer repaired quickly and back in service.
Our Oil Field Transportation Equipment & Repairs Include:
   •  Pipe Tubs
   •  Fabrication Bumpers
   •  Custom Built Swabbing Rigs
   •  Brine Tanks
Our Custom Fabrication

Equip your work equipment with one of our sturdy custom fabrication products. We provide aluminum bumpers, toolboxes, and flatbeds. If you need other special steel or aluminum products, let us know.

Contact us for superior welding and fabrication in Ellenboro, West Virginia.